"I just wanted to let you know that in a matter of a few days using your service, I've contacted 19 of the 20 lost participants I've been trying to locate for some years! It makes my life so much easier and some of the participants I've contacted were thrilled to learn they had benefits they didn't realize they had. Thanks for a great service. I've recommended it to many others."

Randy M. Backous, Cretex Companies, Inc., Elk River MN

Why didn't someone think of this service sooner?

That's what APSCREEN said when we realized how many of you were having the same problem - how to perform due diligence in locating lost plan participants.

So we decided to make it easy for you.

We designed the Employee Locator service as well as this website just for Benefit Administrators and Human Resource Managers.

Employee Locator helps you easily and inexpensively meet ERISA, GATT, IRS requirements.

Here's what the employeelocator.com report includes:

We are now also able to locate your missing participants without an SSN, or with an incorrect or partial SSN, and try our new Next of Kin Locator service for your deceased participants! See our Services Page for more information on these new searches as well as volume pricing information on your batch requests.

...and everything else you need to prove a very thorough and diligent search to locate and identify your lost people.

What you get with automated searches: Everyone marvels at those 25-cent information services until they learn that the monthly minimums to qualify to purchase those services can range from $25 to $500 per month or $300 to $6,000 per year. This report ends up costing you more in time and effort to sort through the incorrect and inaccurate parts, not to mention waiting to learn that the address they provided is outdated, and all your efforts result in yet another piece of returned mail on your missing people.

Why waste time and horribly excessive monthly minimums on services that require you to become a data expert when all you really wanted was someone qualified and helpful to locate your missing participants? Even the large volume users have discovered that the economy with these cheap services is false, resulting in many times the ultimate cost and effort necessary compared to just using a smarter service in the first place.

What used to be a $125 per hour, Private Investigator based service is now $10 for a Title 29, Part 4050.4 "Diligent Effort" Missing Participant Report in about 24 hours, ordered online in minutes.

There is nothing on earth as good as EmployeeLocator.com, as our thousands of satisfied clients will happily attest.

Just read the testimonials to the right and see what our current clients have to say about this service.

Our order page lives on a 256K encrypted secure data server (certified by GoDaddy), so there is no concern about transferring sensitive data including social security numbers. We have been a brick and mortar consumer reporting agency for over 32 years which means that we have systems in place that protect all applicant data to the highest level of security. Just click on About Us if you haven't used APSCREEN before.

"APSCREEN's employee locator service has made our lives so much easier, our industry desperately needs this service!"

Judy Simons, CPC, QPA TRI-AD, Escondido, CA

The cost per each Title 29, Part 4050.4 Compliant "Diligent Effort" report is $10 per missing participant and you get your results usually within 24 Hours. You can effortlessly order your search over the internet and your HAND PROCESSED & REVIEWED FOR ACCURACY (not machine generated) results will be e-mailed back to you usually with 24 hours. Huge discounts are also available on volume requests submitted in batch form, please call for details – savings for batch processing can be up to 90% - click here for more information.

News Flash! In our constant effort to improve our service, we have eliminated "Level 2" Searches. This is great news because now our reports are immediately Title 29, Part 4050.4 "diligent effort" compliant, and that means that you are getting the most up-to-date information available without having to re-visit the file. If mail is returned after the LOCATE NOW! report is run, you are done, and may refer the file to the IRS or PBGC without further effort.

Read about all services here.

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