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About Us

APSCREEN since 1980 is a Certified Consumer Reporting Agency and a Certified Reseller of all three major credit bureaus, EXPERIAN, TRANSUNION and EQUIFAX. We are also a MILSPEC Q-1056A Quality Control Aerospace Sector Factual Employment Screening, Credit Reporting and Missing Employee Locator Service Contractor (CCR Registration/DUNS # 784151586 CAGE/NCAGE 4QW86) and provide background checks, boutique credit reporting and missing pension plan participants to a combined total client base of over 11,000 clients throughout the U.S.

Providing missing plan participant services came from a major casino client in 1988 who asked us to locate 1,400 missing participants, inexpensively, and to do so in two weeks to meet a reporting deadline. We did it in four days, concurrently building the finest repository of its kind at the time, and since then, all we have done is improve it, as our now over 3,000 clients in this division who all came through referrals (not advertising) will attest.

There is a reason professionals choose EmployeeLocator.com. We don't dilly/dally around sending letters to bad addresses, we find the right address, the first time, and we do that 99% of the time. You get real people, the average of who have over 20 years on the job handing your requests, and the requests of a majority of the Pension, Benefits and Actuarial industry members who use us on a daily basis to locate their missing participants.

Each and every request is HAND PROCESSED by a trained professional, not passed through a database service where only raw data is sent back to you, which is exactly what the $1.50 to $2.25 services provide. There is even one service out there that actually advertises that they keep sending letters to bad addresses until they get lucky – and just how long do you think that takes? Do you have that kind of time to waste?

We provide a complete, written report that meets the Title 29, Part 4050.4 "diligent search" requirement and allows you to close the file once and for all, if unsuccessful , or the participant gets their mail. If they are deceased, we also have an over 80% success rate at identifying and locating the Next of Kin, for a low, flat fee.

We also don't pollute the relationship by advertising a falsely low price, only to escalate the services to increase the price far beyond our price of $10 per participant, nor do we require our clients to pay minimums or sign-up fees.

Have a large list of participants? We will discount our services accordingly. The more we save, the more you save.

But this service is not only a question of money. Frankly, you can buy information anywhere and usually anywhere form 50 cents to $2, but what are you getting? And how much time do you have to put in, in order to make that information work for you? The secret is to have the kind of depth and breadth that we have because we serve so many clients, and to let professionals determine the best address for your missing participant.

In the end, the simple question is: "What is your time worth"? We provide a good address, 99% of the time, the other 1% are comprised of deceased participants or people using different names, which we find also, 99% of the time. Our standard search encompasses the Social Security Administration Death Master Index, the three credit bureaus' Social Security number update; death and address update repositories, as well as over 30 other proprietary repositories to give you the best cross-section of available identification, address, alias and death information available today. We don't cherry pick services to save money, we simply search every competent repository available, PERIOD.

The best answer? Give us a test case or two and see if you like us. We're confident that you will, so why not let the product and the service speak for themselves!

After that, we're confident that you will choose APSCREEN's EmployeeLocator.com service, as thousands of your fellow Pension and Benefits professionals have.

We think you will love the transparent, simple and effective service that we provide. Try us out and see for yourself!

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